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We are active community advocates and partners.

Supportive Housing

Whenever and wherever possible, our projects go beyond only providing affordable housing units and build partnership with providers who can address and serve specific populations as tenants in our properties. 


economic development

Parallel with efforts to create affordable units in a community are our efforts to enhance economic opportunities. When possible, our developments provide space for established and new businesses to reach under-served neighborhoods. 


employment + Training

Haven actively employs individuals with barriers to employment and provides on the job training as well as educational opportunities with local institutions such as community or techincal colleges. Our approach is to engage each indivudal in understanding their goals in order to create a process which enables their flourishing in our company and their own personal success. 


food access

Lack of access to high quality foods is a major issue within the communities we work. Our team considers and implements opportunities for food production and/or distribution on each and every property we develop. 



In addition to working alongside communities to develop projects, we also advocate on their behalf and support their long-term success. To accomplish these ends, we build strong relationships with other organizations doing meaningful work. 

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We exist to empower under-served neighborhoods through the design, construction and
management of exemplary, community-oriented spaces.