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Haven: A Shelter for Safety + Refuge

Haven Developers is an affordable housing development company based out of Durham, NC and working throughout central North Carolina. We primarily target four population groups; low to moderate income families (LMI), resettled refugees, homeless, and those impacted by natural disasters. Our projects range from single-family infill to medium scale mixed-use and multi-family projects.

Our primary objective is to work alongside under-served communities in a creative process to identify and implement projects that foster holistic and sustainable growth. Haven Developers utilizes a community-centric creative process, working with individuals from each community to ensure an inside-out development model. Ultimately, through this iterative process, Haven Developers is seeking to discover how development can promote social and economic vitality in a community.

Our first focus in a community is to establish safe, equitable and affordable housing options. Once established, a broader range of tailor-fit projects are developed as the community has need.


Haven Developers implements a variety of investment mechanisms for our projects.

If you are interested in real estate investment in commercial, multi-family or single-family properties, for sale or rental, please contact Drew Helm at drewhelm@develophaven.org

We exist to empower under-served neighborhoods through the design, construction and
management of exemplary, community-oriented spaces.