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We are an integrated, full-service design firm.

Haven Developers has a community-centric approach to design. We hold tightly to the belief that the only way you can transform a community is to do it from the inside out. As such, we deeply value feedback and information from the individuals within the neighborhoods we serve. This information has the power to greatly impact our design and ultimately empower the individuals to live a full and flourishing life. We know that great design, which creates healthy and safe spaces, is not for the privileged few, but is the common right for all people.

We strive to design buildings that perform efficiently and last long past ourselves in order to be utilized by future generations. We like places that are built from within a community, that have character and encourage interactions, that uplift and bring joy to the users, that build on history and help inform the future. Our projects are successful when they are a point of pride to the community they inhabit.

We exist to bring these places into reality.

Haven Developers implements a Design-Build approach because of its natural efficiency, saving our clients time and money. As designers and craftsman, we believe this process ensures each project will be built well and look exceptional. We approach each project in its unique circumstances and are willing to be creative to find the best solutions.

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We exist to empower under-served neighborhoods through the design, construction and
management of exemplary, community-oriented spaces.