Affordable Housing Schemes in Durham NC

Affordable housing, like several other things in life, can be challenging to define. What comes under affordable can widely vary even within the same city, let alone different countries or the entire world. Who is it affordable for? Where is the affordable housing in Durham NC?

The most common definition of affordable housing is housing units that are affordable for that section of the society whose income is below the median household income. This means that the purpose of affordable housing is to meet the housing needs of the lower and middle-income households.

The City of Durham is faced with several housing challenges. There is a grave shortage of affordable rental housing and the housing costs in many historically affordable communities is increasing rapidly, especially in central Durham. But the city also has several strengths and opportunities to meet these housing challenges.

Every person in Durham wants to own a house and it is the single most important expense. There is also a significant requirement for student housing in Durham NC. When a person has a roof over his/her head, it imbues him/her with a sense of stability, one that lets them divert their attention to other important decisions, such as getting children admitted in schools or finding a better job.

Affordable housing in Durham NC come as a blessing. However, it is frequently misunderstood, shrouded by many misconceptions. Let’s clarify some of the definitions here:

Affordable housing - housing that can be afforded by low-income households (those earning less than 80% of Area Median Income) based on those households who are not paying more than 30% of their gross household income for housing-related expenses. These have two types:

  • Income-restricted affordable housing - Projects specifically designed for the use of households that meet specific income limits.
  • ‘Market’ affordable housing - This is housing that is generally affordable based on their price and are not specifically constructed or restricted to low-income households.

At Develop Haven, we develop exceptional affordable housing in Durham NC and our team takes into consideration the needs and requirements of all communities. Our projects meet all the required criteria for student housing in Durham NC and are always loved by its residents. We comply with all government regulations and ensure that your dream of owning a house come true without any complications or hurdles.

We open doors to sustainability, empowerment, and security by supporting those who are going through homelessness, at the risk of homelessness or paying rent. We help residents:

  • end their housing crisis
  • avoid obstacles that don’t allow them to fulfill their desire for stable housing
  • live the freedom and dignity of calling an apartment their home

With our affordable housing in Durham NC, we support our clients - individuals and families - in finding their brighter tomorrow. We empower and assist clients in finding and maintaining housing, a task that has become extremely challenging in Durham. We know that buying a property is a big task and requires great knowledge regarding clearance, documentation, paperwork, project schemes to meet the buyers’ needs. We take great care to match the expectations of the buyer in worry-free property deals with complete trust and transparency.